Hallway Printer – Configure in Windows

Before printing is possible you need to register your card on a hallway printer. Click here for further instructions.

To configure a hallway printer on your Windows device please follow this step-by-step instruction:

Click on the start button and type „\\\Gangdrucker\“ into the search box.

The following window opens. If you are using a device that is maintained by ZID this window will not pop up.

Please be sure that you typed „@ad.uni-ak.ac.at“ after your p/s- number.

Now, you can find the printer as usual in your system preferences at „Devices & Printers“.

Please note, that the printer is not automatically your default printer. You can change this if you want to.

To use a hallway printer you need to register your card as said above. The instruction can also be found right next to the hallway printers.


Under Windows 10

Press the Windowskey on your Keyboard an enter the adress „\\\Gangdrucker\“

If you are logged into your PC with your p-number, you do not have to enter any data.

If you are on an external device / laptop with a local account, you must enter your p-Nummer@ad.uni-ak.ac.at and your password to add the printer.

Please note that the printer is not automatically used as default printer, you have to do it yourself.