Hallway Printer – Configure in Mac OS


Please follow this step-by-step instruction to configure your Mac OS device:

1. You need to download and install a suitable driver for your Mac OS Version using this link:


2. Open your system preferences

2.1. Option 1

2.2. Option 2

Dock symbol

3. Click on „Printer & Scanner“

4. Add a new printer.

5. Now you need to customize the toolbar

Customize the toolbar

Add „Advanced“

6. Click on „Advanced“

The configuration should look like this at the end:

6.1 Type: „Windows printer via spoolss“

6.2 Device: „Another Device“

6.3 URL: smb://

6.4 Name: Can be chosen freely

6.5 Location: Optional

6.6 Use: „Select Software…“, another window opens

Search for „C658“ and select the driver.

7. Finish the configuration with a click on „Add„.

8. In the last step confirm the configuration.

further settings

9. The printer was added correctly .


The Authentication for printing via a hallway printer is your p-/s-Number and your password.

Following this you take your card to a hallway printer and hold it next to the card scanner. The document should be printed.