Adobe All Apps corona crisis (EN)

During the corona crisis, university employees and students can use all Adobe applications for a limited period of time.

This manual explains how you can use this offer.


1. Log in to with your university email address.

For students: first name.last

For employees: first name,


2. After the first registration you will receive an email with instructions from Adobe.

You can open this mail at

Please register with your p-number or matriculation number.


3. After you have opened the link, you must complete your profile with the remaining data such as password, country and date of birth.


4. You can then link your mobile phone number to the newly created Adobe account.

If you do not want this, you can click on „Not now“ (see screenshot).


5. Finally all that is left to do is to open the link and log in with your university email address if you are not yet registered.


6. You can now download the Creative Cloud from this page. You can use this application to use all other apps such as Photoshop, InDesign and much more. Download and update easily (see screenshot).