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Video Streaming – OwnCloud/WordPress (EN)

In this article you will learn how to embed a video, which you have uploaded to OwnCloud, on a WordPress website.

Caution: Please use the .mp4 format.

Upload the video to our OwnCloud as usual. Click here for instructions on how to upload files to OwnCloud.

Share the video in OwnCloud: Click on the 3 dots next to the file, then on “Share” -> “Public Links” and finally on “Create Public Link

Please do NOT set a password. Click on “Share

Now copy the share link.

Call up the link in the browser and copy the “direct link“. You can only embed the video using this link.

Now create a new page or a new post in WordPress.

Add the title and the content you want to the website.

To add the video click on the plus symbol at the top left. Then type “video” in the search box. Now click on the element shown in the picture to add it. If you cannot find a plus symbol here, please contact ZID support.

Now click on “Insert from URL” and insert the link for direct linking.

With a click on the video, further settings appear on the right that you can set.

Publish the page when you are done with a click on “Publish“.

The video should now appear on the page.