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Upload and share OwnCloud files (EN)

In this article we will show you how to upload and share files on the ownCloud. You can do this directly via cloud.uni-ak.ac.at or via the ownCloud client on your PC, laptop, etc.

Uploading Files #

Go to cloud.uni-ak.ac.at and log in with your p-/s number and the associated password.

To upload a file to ownCloud, you can “drag and drop” it into the window or click on the plus symbol.

Now select “Upload“.

Now navigate to the file path and select the file to be uploaded and finally click on “Open“.

The document should now appear in the list.

Share with university members #

There are two ways to share a file or folder. To share a document, click the “Share” icon.

After you have clicked on the share symbol, a column with further setting options opens on the right. Under the Share tab, you can share the document/folder with a person or group.

You also have the option of determining whether the file can be shared and/or edited by the person/group.

If you want to share the file or folder with someone outside of the university, proceed as follows: After you have clicked the Share icon, select “Public Links” and then “Create Public Link“.

To protect the file, select “Password protection” and enter a desired password. You also have the option of setting an “expiry date” if you want the document to be available only for a certain period of time.

Now you can copy the link, which you can pass on to the relevant person (by e-mail, for example). This person now has unrestricted access to the document.

This is what the password-protected share looks like when you open the shared link:

After logging in, the file can be downloaded.