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Out-of-Office Message – EN

If you are, for various reasons, not able to answer your emails you can set up an out-of-office message. This message will be sent once a day to everyone who’s sending you an email for the duration of the beginning and end date.

Note: If you cannot connect to the online services, make sure you connect to the UNI-AK network via VPN.

You can set up your out-of-office message on the service pages:

ATTENTION: some mail servers (e.g. Gmail) have character limitations, for the subject it’s 80 characters, for the text it’s 700 characters (signature included).  Out-of-Office messages which are exceeding those limits cannot be sent to those eMail addresses.
There is also a limitation of the eMails sent, users can only receive one out-of-office message from one user once a day.

Out-of-Office message on the service pages:

Open the service pages and click on “Benutzerverwaltung”:

Log in with your p-/s- number:

Click on “Abwesenheit” on the left side and type in your desired starting date for your out-of-office message at “Beginn” and your desired ending date at “Ende”. At “Betreff” you can choose a subject for your message and at “Nachricht” you can type in the text you want to sent.

Save your settings by clicking on “Änderungen Sichern”.