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Nextcloud (EN)

On the 28th of February, OwnCloud will be replaced by Nextcloud. The data will be migrated directly from ownCloud to Nextcloud. For more detailed Information, please contact us via helpdesk@uni-ak.ac.at or +43 171133 2107.

Login #

Go to https://base.uni-ak.ac.at/cloud/ in and log in with your p-/s- number and the correspondig password.

Then you will see the main page of the Nextcloud screen.

Nextcloud Client #

If you prefer direct folder synchronization to your computer, you will need the Nextcloud client. If you had previously set up folder synchronization via OwnCloud Client, it must be replaced by Nextcloud Client. You can find more information here

Features #

Webmail #

Webmail is now integrated with Nextcloud and can only be used over the Nextcloud interface.

Click here to get more detailed info.

File Sharing #

Nextcloud can also be used to share files with employees and external people. You can find more information here

Calender #

Nextcloud has an integrated calendar that can also be linked to applications like Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. Here you can find more information about it.

Addressbook #

Nextcloud has an integrated address book where you can directly search for university internal contacts to contact them by mail.

Favorites #

Also you can mark files and folders as favorites to allow quick access to them.