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NextCloud Connect Mail Account (EN)

In the new version of our cloud (NextCloud) the webmail interface is now integrated. In this tutorial you will learn how to connect your mail account to Nextcloud.

Connect Mailaccount #

Log in to Nextcloud. This can be accessed directly via Base or via link.

Now click on the mail icon in the upper left corner.

Now the following window appears. Enter your email address and password here. Also set the checkmark at”Anmeldung merken

Now the webmail interface appears

Add more email addresses #

You can also add more email addresses to your NextCloud. (NOTE: Only Angewandte mail addresses can be added). Navigate to the top-right corner of the screen and click on the blue icon. Now click on “Konto hinzufügen

Now enter the email address and the corresponding password, as well as a name. Then click on Hinzufügen

The email address has now been added. You can now switch between the mail accounts.

Remove Mail-Account #

To remove a mail account, navigate to the settings

Then click on Accounts on the left side

Here you can remove a mail account.

Apply old Filters #

To transfer the filters from the old webmail (Roundcube), the following settings must be applied.

Navigate to the Mail view in NextCloud and click the gear wheel in the bottom left corner

Now navigate to Filters and select the “roundcube” field.

Now your old filters are applied.

Unfortunately, new filters cannot yet be integrated smoothly if old filters are still in use. For this, please contact the ZID via helpdesk@uni-ak.ac.at or via DW 2107

Create new Filter #

If you don’t use Roundcube filters, you can add new filters by selecting “rainloop.user“. Then click on Filter hinzufügen or Add Filter

Now you can add filter conditions. When you are done click Erledigt or done.

Then click on Speichern/Save to save the filter.