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NextCloud Client Setup (EN)

In the following article you will find instructions on how to connect to your NextCloud via the NextCloud client. To login you only need your p-number or for students the matriculation number or your university mail address and the password to your university account.

The client can be downloaded from the following link: https://nextcloud.com/de/install/

For Mac OS: #

Uninstalling and reinstalling Nextcloud Client for Mac [link to be added].

Für Windows 10: #

Uninstalling and reinstalling Nextcloud Client for Windows 10 [link to be added].

Installation and Configuration #

After installation, select Login in the client

After installation, open the NextCloud client and enter “https://base.uni-ak.ac.at/cloud” in the “Serveradresse” field.

By clicking on”Weiter” you will be redirected to the Base Angewandte login screen.

Now log in here with your p-number or as a student with your s-(matriculation) number or your e-mail address and the corresponding password.

Following this, the following message will appear in your default browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.):

Now click on „Autorisieren“ to connect the client to NextCloud.

After successful authorization you will see the following message:

Your client is now connected to NextCloud and you can use this service.

New Installation #

Please note that a new output folder for the synchronized files & folders is automatically created during a new installation.

If you decide to use the already existing one, you can select it. However, note that they include the already existing folders.

There are no additional steps to follow when selecting a new folder.