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NextCloud Calender & Token (EN)

To set up the NextCloud calendar in different clients (e.g.: Outlook Calendar, Thunderbird Calendar) you need a token, which can be created in the cloud. In the following article you will find instructions on how to do this.

Create Token #

Log in cloud.uni-ak.ac.at

ATTENTION: Please open NextCloud directly with the address https://cloud.uni-ak.ac.at and not via link on Base, otherwise you may experience setup issues on macOS and iOS devices.

Click on your initials in the upper right corner and then on “Einstellungen” / “Settings”.

Now click on “Security” / “Sicherheit” on the left.

Under “App-Passwörter/Token” enter any name for the token in the “App-Name” field and then click “Create new app password

Now your token will be displayed. It is best to copy the user name and password/token from the two fields and save them in a text document or editor. Now be sure to click on”Done“.

ATTENTION: When you click on “Done” the token becomes invisible. Save the data before doing this.

Copy Calender link (Windows) #

Now navigate to your calendar by clicking on the calendar icon in the blue bar at the top.

You can select individual calendars by clicking the three dots next to the calendar you want to share. After that click on “Edit and share calender

Click on “Copy private link“. Then you can copy the link to the clipboard.

Import Calender (Windows)

It is also possible to import calendars with an .ics file. To do this, you need to click on “Calendar settings” at the bottom left.

Then select the .ics file.

Set up calendar with client #

Now follow the instructions for the mail client you want to set up:

(Here you have to make sure that you use the username and password the data from the previously generated token. one token for each client).

Apple Kalender

Thunderbird Kalender

Outlook Kalender

iOS (iPhone) Kalender