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Map network drive Mac OSX

Access to user data (network drives) from outside the university is only possible via VPN!

To do this, click on “Go” in the top menu bar and select the “Connect to server” menu item.


Now a window opens, enter the following in the “Server address:” bar:

  • For your personal folder: smb: //userdata.uni-ak.ac.at/ad-userdata/pxxxxxxx (x stands for your number)
  • For the folder of your department: smb: //userdata.uni-ak.ac.at/ad-userdata/uxxxxxx (x stands for the number of your department)
  • Now click on the “+” button and then on “Connect”.

  • Select “Registered User”
  • For the text field “Name”: your p-number with “@ ad.uni-ak.ac.at”
  • For the “Password” text field: your password
  • Now put the check mark “Save password in the keychain” and click on “Connect”


You will now be connected to the file server and the symbol for the network drive will appear on your desktop or in a Finder window. Open it with a double click to edit your data.