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Managing Mailinglists – EN

Introduction #

Mailing lists are distribution lists for emails. When you send an email to the address of a mailing list, it is automatically distributed to all members of the list.

Requesting a new list #

Please use our contact page and provide us with a list name as well as the desired list administrator.

The list name will automatically become the email address of the mailing list: LISTNAME@mailing-list.uni-ak.ac.at

Member management #

Adding members #

When requesting a mailing list, you will receive an email from the ZID containing the access credentials.

ATTENTION: The link to the admin interface automatically sent to you unfortunately does not work in its current form. To use it, you need to insert a slash “/” between “mailman” and “admin”:


On the web interface, select the option “Mitglieder-Verwaltung…” and then “Eintragen/Abonnieren“.

In the empty text box, you can now enter one email address per line.


Click on “Änderungen speichern” to save the changes you’ve made.

You will receive a confirmation with the newly added email addresses.


Members list and unsubscribe members #

On the web interface, select the option “Mitglieder-Verwaltung…” and then “Mitgliederliste“.

Now you can see all members:


To unsubscribe members, select the corresponding checkbox next to the desired email address and click on “Änderungen speichern”.

You will receive a confirmation with the unsubscribed email addresses.

Scenario internal postings #

By default, the ZID creates a list for you with the scenario of internal postings

This means that if a member replies to an email from a mailing list, the list administrator receives a moderation request via email.

In the moderation request, there is a link to the mailing list server where the email can be read and, if desired, distributed to all participants or deleted.

Scenario open lists #

In an open list, every response from a participant to a mailing list email is automatically distributed to all participants – no approval from the list administrator is required.

The setting can be adjusted under the section “Abo-Regeln und Adreßfilter…” within the sub-section “Absender-Filter“.

For an open list go to the question “Sollen die Beiträge neuer Listenmitglieder moderiert werden?” and select “Nein“.

Click on “Änderungen speichern” to save changes.