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Mac Mail configuration – EN

First you need to start the program “Mail“.

If you didn’t already add an E-Mail account the mail-assistant should start immediately. If the mail-assistant does not start go to the taskbar and choose “Mail” -> “Add Account“. Scroll down the list and click “Add Other Account“.

Alternatively you can go to “Mail” -> “Accounts…” in the taskbar and click the small “+“-symbol in the lower left corner. Scroll down the list and click “Add Other Account” and choose Add E-Mail Account“.

Mail-MAC 2 - 2015

Now the Mail-assistent starts
On the first page enter your name, @uni-ak.ac.at mail address and the password of your p/s-account. Click “create account”

Mail-MAC 3 - 2015

If another message pops up click “Next”.

Server for incoming mail:
Account Type: IMAP
Server: imap.uni-ak.ac.at
User name: p/s-numberPassword: Your Uni-accounts password

Mail-MAC 4 - 2015

Click “Next

If the following window appears choose “Use SSL” and enter the Port 993.

Mail-MAC 7 - 2015

Server for outgoing mail:

Server: “smtp.uni-ak.ac.at

Please activate “Only use this Server” and “Use authentification” Enter your p/s-number and your password

Click “Create

Mail-MAC 5 - 2015

Now the following window appears:

Mail-MAC 6 - 2015

Now you need to activate SSL and enter the port number of the IMAP-server.

To do that just click “More Options” and add the data from the picture above.

If the window didn’t open automatically you can reach it by clicking “Mail – Accounts” in your taskbar.

Alternatively you can add this settings by going to the account-settings (“TaskbarMail Settings Accounts Advanced“)

Now go the account-settings (“Taskbar Mail Settings Accounts Advanced“) and choose your newly created account. Add the settings of the picture below:

Mail-MAC 8 - 2015

Open the drop-down list next to “SMTP server” and choose “Edit SMTP server-list“.

Mail-MAC 9 - 2015

In the following window choose the server which has your account-name below “Used by account“. All other required settings you can see in the picture:

Mail-MAC 10 - 2015

Now you successfully configured Mail.