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iOS (iPhone) / Android configuration – EN

Here you will find the instructions for the basic settings of most email clients for your mobile devices: 

  • Open your email client and then click on “START NOW“, “NEW” or “Add Account“. If you have already set up an account on another mail client, most clients will suggest this to you.
  • Depending on the mail client, select “Login with a different account” – “Manual” or “Other“.
  • Complete the fields as follows:
  • Then click on the tick or “DONE” to confirm the registration.

Please note that the port numbers must be specified differently for the different email clients.

Mostly as a separate field or at incoming/outgoing server separated by a colon.

If the option “Require SSL” or “Use SSL” is listed, select this field.

E-Mail Settings:

  • E-mail address: firstname.lastname@uni-ak.ac.at
  • Username: your p-/s- number
  • Password: The password of your p-/s- number
  • Then select “Advanced Settings“.

IMAP incoming mail server:

  • IMAP host name: imap.uni-ak.ac.at
  • Port: 993
  • SSL required: yes
  • IMAP username: your p-/s- number
  • IMAP password: the password of your p-/s- number

Outgoing SMTP server:

  • SMTP host name: smtp.uni-ak.ac.at
  • Port: 465

If you are asked for a username and password again at SMTP or if “SSL required” is available, please enter it again.

Display names” and “Description” do not have to be filled in.

Then click on the tick or “DONE” to confirm the registration.

Your email account is now set up.

Your previously received emails are automatically synchronized.