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Information / facility for new employees and students – EN

If you have any questions, you can contact us Monday to Friday, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. by phone at extension 2107 or +43 171 133 2107 or via email at helpdesk@uni-ak.ac.at

Establish new employees / students

Before you can use your account, you must log in with your login data at http://service.uni-ak.ac.at/users. You should have received the login data from the HR department or the studies department.

You can change your password under “Passwort“.
If you have problems to log in on this page or if you have not yet received any login data, please contact the HR department (personalabteilung@uni-ak.ac.at) or the study department (studienabteilung@uni-ak.ac.at).

You will find further useful information on the service pages:


You can see your personal data such as address, phone number, etc.
If these are not entered correctly, please contact the HR department.

„Netzwerk Freigaben“:

(employees) You can see the network drives you have access to.


You can change your old password or as an employee set a separate password for your remuneration statements.

If the password is changed, the new password is only valid from the next day. You can also find the requirements for a new password here.

„Web Aliase“: You can manage your web aliases.

„E-Mail Aliase“: You can manage your email aliases. An email alias can be used like an email address. All emails sent to one of the email aliases will be forwarded to your mailbox.

„E-Mail Weiterleitung“: You can manage your email forwarding. All emails sent to your email addresses (aliases) are automatically sent to your email forwarder.

„Abwesenheit“: You can set an out-of-office notice. A vacation notice is automatically sent as a reply to people who write an e-mail to your e-mail address.

„Sub-Accounts“: you can manage your sub-accounts. A sub-account is a full-fledged account, but it is tied to the validity of your account. You will find more information on this in these instructions: https://zid.uni-ak.ac.at/index.php/docs/guest-or-subaccounts-en/


To use university-internal services outside the university network such as access to your network drives, you need a VPN connection to “Die Angewandte

We would recommend using Cisco AnyConnect only when using SAP, otherwise please use the FortiClient.
The instructions for installing and setting up FortiClient can be found here: https://zid.uni-ak.ac.at/index.php/docs/vpn-forticlient-en/

The instructions for installing and setting up Cisco AnyConnect can be found here: https://zid.uni-ak.ac.at/index.php/docs/vpn-cisco-anyconnect-en/

Connect to Network Drives

Employees have access to all network drives which are displayed on http://service.uni-ak.ac.at/users after logging in under “Benutzerverwaltung” under “Netzwerk Freigeben”. A network drive is a storage space made available on our servers which can be used by employees.

To map the network drives, please follow the instructions below:

Windows 11&10: https://zid.uni-ak.ac.at/index.php/docs/map-network-drive-windows-11-and-10/

MacOSX: https://zid.uni-ak.ac.at/index.php/docs/map-network-drive-mac-osx/

Please note that you have to be in the university network to set up the network drives, either on your stand-alone device in your office, on-site via Eduroam or from outside via a VPN connection.


As a student or employee of the “University of Applied Arts” you have your own University e-mail address.

In the following instructions you will find useful information about your university e-mail address https://zid.uni-ak.ac.at/index.php/docs/e-mail-en/ and further links for setting up the various clients.

In order to activate your e-mail address, please log in to webmail at least once with your p / s number and your password.

If you use a client for e-mails, you can also set up the address book of the University of Applied Arts, click here for instructions.

Chat / communication solution of the Applied

In addition to e-mail, there are other communication options at the University of Applied Arts:


To be able to use your Zoom account, you need an active p / s account and a university email address.

You should have received an email from Zoom with which you can activate the Zoom account. The activation steps are described in the mail.

The Zoom home page has some useful guides and tips on how to use Zoom, click here to go to the home page.


Another communication channel at the University of Applied Arts is Rocket.Chat.

For instructions on how to install and use it, click here

Set up call forwarding

There are several options for setting up call forwarding.

If you want to set up call forwarding directly to the telephone, click here.

You can also set up call diversion without direct access to your telephone via https://voip.uni-ak.ac.at/. Please note that a VPN connection is required when using https://voip.uni-ak.ac.at/.

Instructions for setting up a call forwarding via voip can be found here.

Hallway Printer/Card Activation

Here you will find information on the locations and links to the instructions for setting up the hallway printers and card registration.


At the University of Applied Arts and many other participating universities and organizations, you can use the university’s WiFi infrastructure as an employee or student.

In order to be able to use Eduroam, you need an active university account (p / s number or your university’s login details).

Here you will find the instructions for setting up the various clients

Windows 10

Windows 11



Linux Ubuntu


NextCloud + NextCloud Calender / base

You can use the cloud of the University of Applied Arts with your university account.
In order to be able to use NextCloud in the browser, open the following link and log in with your p- / s- number: https://cloud.uni-ak.ac.at/.

Instructions on how to use the cloud can be found here.
Instructions for using the NextCloud calendar can be found here.

As an employee, you will find the most important information about the Applied in the folder “_Info_Personal”.