Zentraler Informatikdienst

Guest or Subaccounts (EN)

Subaccounts are intended as temporary accounts. Each employee or student can request guest users in their own context.

  • Guest accounts can be requested from the ZID by email to helpdesk@uni-ak.ac.at, by phone at extension -2107, or using the contact form. The sub-accounts are created by you after activation. Instructions are given below.
  • Guest accounts have access to NextCloud. This enables files to be uploaded and shared. You can request other services (e.g.: Mail, etc.) from the ZID.

Create a sub-account

To do this, call up the service page and click on “Benutzerverwaltung”.

Now log in with your p-number and click on “Sub-Accounts” on the left.

You can see sub-accounts that you’ve already created. To create a new account, click on “Neuer Sub-Account”.

Now enter the name of the subaccount under “Bezeichnung”, assign a password and you can also set an expiration date. When you are done, click on “Änderung speichern”.

Now you can print out the access data for the sub-account by clicking on “Zugangsdaten”.

Activate Account

Before the subaccount can be used, you have to activate it. This is done by logging into the service pages with your sub-account (bXXXXXX). To do this, please click on the User administration item. Then a pop-up window should open where you have to enter the b-number and the associated password.

After that, the activation with the current date should appear under “Account Status”.

ATTENTION: The subaccount is only activated for guest users after activation!

Editing a Guest Account

To do this, call up the service page again and click on “User Administration“.

Now log in with your p-number and click on “Sub-Accounts” on the left.

You can see a list of your available guest accounts. If you click on an account you can edit it:

Here you can now set the name, the password, an expiration date, or delete the account. After you have deleted the sub-account, you are free to create another one.

Confirm the changes with “Änderungen senden”. Then you come back to the subaccount page.