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Eduroam Windows 11 – EN

Attention: Our Eduroam network is not compatible with Windows 11 per default. Before connecting a change in the registry has to be made. We have prepared a file that you can download and execute on your device. Afterwards the connection should be possible.

Left-Click on this icon in the taskbar.

Now this window should appear.

Click on the arrow next to the Wi-Fi icon.

Now select “eduroam” or “eduroam 5GHZ”.

If you dont want your device to automatically connect to the eduroam, remove the checkmark at “Connect automatically“.

Now log in with “pxxxxxxx@uni-ak.ac.at” or “sxxxxxxx@student.uni-ak.ac.at” using the associated password.

Please pay attention to the amount of zeros in your employee-number. Older Accounts have three leading zeros, new accounts however only have two.

Then click “Connect“.

Now you should be connected to the Wi-Fi. If you still encounter problems with your eduroam connection on a Windows 11 device, please contact the helpdesk (helpdesk@uni-ak.ac.at).