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E-Mail Forwarding

The following pictures show an instruction on how to forward your e-mails from your name.surname@uni-ak.ac.at to a default e-mail address.

1.Step: Open service.uni-ak.ac.at and click on “Benutzerverwaltung”.

2.Step: Now you need to fill in your account name (p-/s-number) and password.

3.Step: After the login please click on “E-Mail Weiterleitung“.

4.Step: This category shows you if you already have a forwarding registered, if so, you can delete or edit them but you can also configure a new one by clicking “Neue E-Mail-Weiterleitung”.

5.Step: Now you fill into the blank space your default e-mail address and confirm it with “Änderungen senden”.

6.Step: You will be automatically redirected to your “E-Mail Weiterleitung” overview. In the following picture you can choose if you want to keep your Mails also on your name.surname@uni-ak.ac.at address, or if they should only be forwarded to your default e-mail address.

All mails that go to the UNI address will then be forwarded to the specified email address.

Information about user name and password for employees in the HR department (Personalabteilung) For students in the study department (Studienabteilung)!

If required, a copy can be stored locally. In this case, make sure that these mails are deleted occasionally so that your mailbox always has free space.