Zentraler Informatikdienst

E-Mail (EN)

Organization #

Account #

To receive and read emails an account is required with a user name (p000xxxx/s0xxxxxx) and a password . Staff, students, organizational units, … automatically get an account with a mailbox.

Changing the password, forwarding and mail aliases via a web mask on service.uni-ak.ac.at

Mail address #

An email address consists of two parts separated by the at sign (@). The part before the @ is your user name. The part after the @ specifies the organizational structure.

Emeritus Employeesp00nnnnn@uni-ak.ac.atIMAP.uni-ak.ac.atSMTP.uni-ak.ac.at
Organizational Unitsu000nnnn@uni-ak.ac.atIMAP.uni-ak.ac.atSMTP.uni-ak.ac.at

Alias #

When setting up your account there is an automatically created default e-mail address of the alias “firstname.lastname @ uni-ak.ac.at”. This alias, if necessary can be changed on service.uni-ak.ac.at.

You can also create more mail aliases.

The IT service of the University of Applied Arts Vienna is authorized to delete email aliases that are offensive or inappropriate without asking.

Forwarding an E-Mail #

You can automatically forward your own emails from UNI to another email address (this is very practical, especially during the holidays!).

Client-specific settings #

Depending on the email client used, use the following required settings:

Mail with the Web browser #


For employees: p-Number and password
Students: s-Number and password

How do I configure my client correctly? #

The basic decision is how you want to receive mail. The main ways are POP, IMAP or webmail. The ZID mail server supports all of these options.

The necessary client server addresses and other parameters for employees and for students can be found here.