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Hallway Printer – Configure in Windows – EN

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Before printing is possible you need to register your card on a hallway printer. Click here for further instructions.

To configure a hallway printer on your Windows device please follow this step-by-step instruction:

Windows 7 #

Click on the start button and type “\\\Gangdrucker\” into the search box.

The following window opens. If you are using a device that is maintained by ZID this window will not pop up.

Please be sure that you typed “@ad.uni-ak.ac.at” after your p/s- number.

Now, you can find the printer as usual in your system preferences at “Devices & Printers“.

Please note, that the printer is not automatically your default printer. You can change this if you want to.

To use a hallway printer you need to register your card as said above. The instruction can also be found right next to the hallway printers.

Windows 10 #

Press the Windowskey on your Keyboard an enter the adress “\\\Gangdrucker\”

If you are logged into your PC with your p-number, you do not have to enter any data.

If you are on an external device / laptop with a local account, you must enter your p-Nummer@ad.uni-ak.ac.at and your password to add the printer.

Please note that the printer is not automatically used as default printer, you have to do it yourself.