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CISCO AnyConnect Client iOS (EN)


Open the AppStore on your iOS device and search for “Cisco AnyConnect”.

Download the app and wait for Cisco AnyConnect to be installed.

Now open the app. When you start it for the first time, you will receive a message, confirm this with “OK”.

Now select “Add VPN connection”.

Give the connection a name (description) e.g. “Uni-AK VPN”.

Enter “vpn.uni-ak.ac.at” for the server address.

If network roaming is activated, the VPN connection will be automatically restored when you switch between WiFi and 3G.

Leave the rest of the settings.

If you have entered the data correctly, press “Save” above.


Select the VPN connection below.

To activate the connection, press the switch at “AnyConnect-VPN” at the top.

Now you have to authenticate yourself. Log in with your account name (for employees: p-number, students: s-matriculation number) and your password.

Afterwards click on “Connect

You can now close the Cisco AnyConnect app and still remain connected to the VPN.

You can recognize this by the VPN display in the title bar.