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Apple calendar (EN)

ownCloud calendar for Apple calendar #

First, create a token in the cloud. To do this, please follow the instructions to create a token.

ATTENTION: Please call up the ownCloud directly via the address https://cloud.uni-ak.ac.at and not via the link on the base, as otherwise there may be problems with the setup on MacOS and iOS devices.

Open System Preferences and go to “Internet Accounts“. Click on “Add another account” and select “Caldav account“.

Select “Manual” for “Account Type

Now enter the following data:

Username: Token username

Password: Token password

Server address: Link of the calendar

ATTENTION: Make sure that the calendar link is “https://cloud.uni …” and not “https://base.uni …”

With another click on “Register“, your ownCloud calendar will be added to your Apple calendar.