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AnyDesk Remote Tool (EN)

The software (AnyDesk) is provided by the ZID Helpdesk.

Phone: +43 1 711 33 2107

Ticket via E-Mail: Helpdesk@uni-ak.ac.at

AnyDesk is used for remote maintenance or remote connection to devices that are not connected to the Uni-AK network

AnyDesk for Windows

AnyDesk can be downloaded from the link provided by ZID Helpdesk.

Anydesk Download

An .exe file called “DieAngewandte_Support_Client_WIN7014.exe” appears in the “Downloads” folder

After double-clicking the .exe file, the program will start automatically.

AnyDesk for MAC

AnyDesk can be downloaded from the link provided by ZID Helpdesk:

Anydesk Download

A .dmg file called “DieAngewandte_Support_Client_MAC” appears in the “Downloads” folder

Before AnyDesk can be used, the following setting must be made:

Go to your System settings. You can find them by clicking on the Apple-icon in the top left-hand corner.

Now go to “Privacy & Security” and scroll further down.

After scrolling down you should find the settings displayed in the screenshot below and click “Open Anyway” to give Anydesk the permission to be executed on your Mac.

When opening Anydesk you still have to configure the “Accessibility” and “Screen Recording” permissions. If you click on “Configure” you will be sent to the system settings or you can go to your system settings manually.

In the system settings go to screen recording and activate Anydesk.

Now go to the Accessibility Settings in your system settings an activate Anydesk there aswell.

You are now able to use Anydesk. If you have further questions or need assistance contact helpdesk@uni-ak.ac.at

On older Mac Versions it might look like this:

Click on “System Preferences” and “Security & Privacy”

Accessibility and Privacy

To add, unlock the lock using your user and click on the “+”

AnyDesk must then be set as “Trusted” under “Security / General”


Before the connection can be established, make sure you are connected to the Internet

Then start the file (see last picture above) “DieAngewandte_Win_Client_PW_QS” or “DieAngewandte_Support_Client_MAC”

If an admin connects, the following request will appear