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Android calendar (EN)

ownCloud calendar for Android #

First, create a token in the cloud. To do this, please follow the instructions to create a token.

Then you have to download the “CalDAV Sync Free Beta” app from the Play Store.


After you have installed the app, open the settings and go to “Users & Accounts“.

There click on “Add Account“.

Then select “CalDav Sync Adapter”.

Enter the following data:

After the setup you have to go to “Users & Accounts” again under the settings and select “CalDav Sync Adapter” under your accounts.

Now click on “Synchronization“.

Then activate calendar synchronization.

The ownCloud calendars can now be called up via the pre-installed calendar app.

If you only have Google Calendar installed on your mobile phone, you will need to install another calendar app.

We recommend the “Schlichter Calendar” or “Simple calendar” app, as it has no advertising.


After installing the calendar app, open the settings.

Now activate the CalDAV synchronization and then select the desired ownCloud calendar.