Personal Homepage (EN)


General Information

Personal homepages are available to all staff and students with the following characteristics:

  • Maximum Usable storage space of 10GB
  • Support for static files such as HTML , CSS, etc
  • No support for dynamic scripting languages like PHP
  • No support for database-driven systems


The homepages are accessible under the following scheme: You can replace the stated p-number with your b-, u- or g-number and students replace it with s-matriculation number.

Important: Students using a Mac can reach the homepage with

It is easy for any user to create aliases

  • To do this, please click
  • Click on: User administration
  • This should open a new window where you need to authenticate with your user name and your password
  • Click on: Web Aliases

You can find a complete list of aliases where the personal homepage is located, you can also edit / delete already existing aliases or add new aliases.

Upload files

We recommend uploading your files using the application Filezilla which is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OsX, but you can use any other available software which controlls SFTP SSH2.

To establish a connection, please start Filezilla and open the Server Manager by “File -> Server Manager”

Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-31 um 15.09.26

Mac OS


A new window should open.
Please click “New Server”

Mac OS



Please enter the following data:

  • Server:
  • Port: 22
  • Server Type: SFTP SSH
  • Connection Type: Normal
  • User: p000xxxx

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